Ladies : this is how you can make him marry you early.


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Marriage is a blessing to mankind.
It is instituted by God for mutual pleasure and help among people.

Although, it is a blessing to mankind, it is what should be prepared for if one is to have the best and the most blissful marriage.

There are two major ways by which our ladies could help
discourage late marriages amongst our youth today.

In our society today, many based late marriages on economy,
as long as that could be partially true, there are two major
ways that youths contributes to the trend of late marriages
most especially our ladies.

These are the ways ladies in turn can help discourage
late marriages today :

1). Stop making a man feel like a married man.

 Some men refused to get married even when they    
 are matured physically and financially. They are not 
 ready to do so because they have a companions in
 ladies who are giving them what they are suppose to
 have in marriage. True or false ? If our ladies should
 go by God's instruction and warnings against premarital
 sex, our men will struggle to settle down early and there
 will be little or no heartbreaks amongst the youths. 
 Painfully, most affected among the jilted, disappointed and 
 heartbroken are the ladies. True...
 Ladies, please help discourage late marriage among men.
Stop making a man feel like a married man while the thought
of marriage is far from him even at age 40 ? Because he
 is still testing and comparing.

2). Do not wait for a made home but look for that which
you will build together.

When i was a corps member, our marriage seminar quest 
speaker encouraged us greatly on this area. She said as a
man or a lady, you do not need to have everything before
the thought of marriage, only what you need is love and
a man of vision, the future will handle the rest. She gave
herself as an example what their conditions were when she
got married to her husband. She said they were only in one
room with one mattress on the floor even though the
husband is a medical doctor. They took to this decision
because they both agreed not to sleep with each other 
except they married. But now they have buildings and
cars of their own.

Today, some ladies are looking for a man with comfortable
apartment, good cars, well paid jobs etc. So men are trying
to work up to the high standard of ladies to get their love
and attention. If our ladies could be contented with the love
of a man and his humble present conditions with greater
hope in future, believe me some men will be married by now.
You know for there to be a married man there will also be a
married woman.

This is my humble advice to this generation. I know some women may not like this while some men may frown at it.
All the same, truth must be told.

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