14 Attributes that will help you get married early as a lady


By; Akindele Victor

1). Put more attention to your personal development than your

2). Be respectful, faithful and serious with men around you
because you do not know who will turn out to be your crown.

3). Focus on serious and promising relationship that will lead to
marriage and not money from men now that you are young
else you will loose them and after use your money to look for
them when you must have advanced in age. By then you will
have fake lover boys/men around you. Do not wait until you
become sugar mummy before you value men and marriage.

4). Do not be too flamboyant in your dressings now you are
single else it will attract fake men and play boys to you. You
may be unlucky to have a fake lover. Any one who love you in
your low estate will love you forever. Just be clean and simple

5). As a single girl, be careful the group you keep because they
may either lead you to heaven or hell, good marriage or
frustrating marriage. So open your eyes.

6). Avoid bragging to men with your beauty and your flamboyant
dressing hence they may bet on getting you at all cost. It will
not be healthy for you and also never will it take you to your
promise land.

7). Try as much as possible to be faithful in a relationship, do
not be the reason while it may fail so God can compensate
and favour you after with better one that will lead to your

8). Never involve in the idea of double dating else you may loose
the one that could have given you better hope, joy and
happiness in marriage. Never allow another relationship
except you are done with one. If you do, it will be term double
dating game. That may not be good and healthy for you.

9). Please dear sister, do not be the reason why a man will break
the heart of your fellow lady, what you sow you will reap.
Remember, God is the judge of all.

10). Please, keep yourself and body till marriage because if you
flirts, it will get back to you even when you are married.

11). Do not engage in too long courtship, it may lead to
heartbreak. One year maximum is good, you can never
know every side of a man until you marry him. So
engagement while in Secondary school should be out of
your plan. Enter into a serious relationship only when you
are ready for marriage and only for love.

12). As a lady, do not pick up a career detrimental to marriage
between twenty to thirty years of your age before thinking
of marriage, you will be confused if men are coming for love
or your money afterwards. You may not have a fulfilled
marriage after.

13). Let the fear of God be the first quality you will look for in a
partner and not height, appearance or material things. All
these could be misleading and also fade away.

14). Finally as a lady between 20-30 years of your age, please
let your focus be on marriage and not friendship. Do not say
you are still young or too young to think about marriage.
That is the flower age of your life do not waste it. That is the
time you have the chance to choose whom you want. When
you grow older, more men will be coming only for friendship,
few or perhaps none for marriage. You may have limited
chances to really make a good choice. So boyfriend or
girlfriend relationship may not be good for you at this period

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