Advice to women by Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo

Advice to wives by Rev. Funke Felix Adejumo
Constantly make your husband happy, give him joy and stop noticing every mistake, stop nagging every time there is a quarrel. When your marriage was one year you would quarrel for one week he won’t talk, now that your marriage is ten years it’s still the same when will you grow up? Let him be happy, make him happy. When last did you tickle your husband? When last did youRev. put a fish in your mouth and then you just tiptoed from the back and then put it in his mouth? When last did you do that?

I sometimes moves towards my husband and tickles him, it is just to make him laugh, just to make him happy. When last did you pillow your head on your husband’s chest while he’s watching football, when last? You stay in the kitchen for 2 hours, what are you cooking? You can’t even come around. As a woman you must improve on yourself, you must know a little about everything. As a woman no man wants an old bride around him, you must keep improving on yourself even if you’re a great grandmother you are his wife.

Make him laugh, stop dwelling on all his mistakes, comfort the little boy on his inside just make him happy. Study his body language. If you’re happy you can’t hide it. Marry your friend. Is not every time you have sex, it goes down after some time. If your life is based on sex you’ve lost it. So there must be other things that will keep the marriage going. As the man ages his manhood also ages too.

I always tells couples that when they’re newly married, they shouldn’t let anyone interfere because they need to bond. it will tell in little years of your marriage, sex is like the water that mixes the cement and sand in a building so you must have it anywhere in your house the man mustn’t initiate it. “It’s a sign of immaturity to say that until my husband says, I don’t want to appear cheap,”. Make your husband merry, dictate the mood of your marriage. As a woman it’s your power, God has given it to you and it’s a secret code. It is important to make the man merry at all times.

Scientists have now discovered that one of the greatest causes of death in women is cancer caused by unhappiness. Enjoy your life. “When I turned 52 years i made up my mind to dress with my future in mind, to be happy in spite of anything, let God be pleased no matter who is offended,” she said.

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