Benefits of been a Virgin


1- No STDs

2-  Higher chances of faithfulness. One that has defeated fornication, can defeat adultery.

3- You are sure your firstborn is yours. 30% of firstborns in Nigeria belong to other men. Paternity fraud is common with nonvirgins.

4- Unique spiritual bond. There is a unique bond when a husband has sex with his virgin bride, especially if the man is also a virgin. Honeymoon of two virgins(virgin bride + virgin groom) is awesome.

5- A great role model for your kids. Having lived a life of sexual purity, she is in the best position to guide your kids in the right way.

6-  Brand-new has a special kind of feeling.

7- You don’t want to hear another man launching a single ‘I hit her first’.

8- She won’t compare you with others. Her only sexual experience is the only one she is having with her husband. Therefore she is contented. Those who are not virgins will compare you with 100 of their exes..copied.

9.God is pleased with you( you can’t imagine what that means)
Evil spirits and sexual demons have no stake in your existence .

Virginity is sacred. It symbolises respect, submission, obedience and fidelity to the partner.

Our parents had not much exposure to the modern civilization we are exposed to. They had successful marital lives not because they learnt successful marital epistles like we have in our comtemporary age. Not because they know how to handle there home affairs better than us. No………no….. Their marital lives were successful because majority of them married there wives as virgins. Wives in there generations were more obedient, submissive, respectful and faithful to their husbands because the person they are now spending the rest of their lives with is the only man that had ever exposed them to womanhood.

Many of our mothers married as early as18. An age considered to be to early and inexperience for a lady to marry in our societies today. But at 18 a lady can av a boyfriend and av sex in this generation. Which one is more honourable.

To be fucked and dumped at ramdom by guys at 18 and to be married at 18. Which one is more honourable. To be begin a journey  of an uncertain sex addiction at 18 and to embark on a honourable  marital journey at 18. Alot of things are not right in our generation and it needs to be fixed. Shallom.

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