Disappointment in relationship is on the increase, some marriages today are facing stiff challenges. Sexual perversion among the youths is ravaging the beauty of our society. Teenage pregnancy is rising daily hence babies are giving birth to babies. Calamity is all over the homes, and it seems there is no one left out in this absurd situation.It seems that the world has nothing to offer such that it has become difficult to control sexual perversion that is ravaging the society.As a result, sex has been legalized through the production of condom and all manner of family planning pills which has made it difficult to discourage sex outside marriage.Yet with all the canal devices, rape cases are increasing all over the world, teenage pregnancy has not stopped. There is infidelity, unfaithfulness and promiscuity everywhere just as adultery has become the order of the day, what shall we do?Sex education seems to be a very necessary tool to be employed in teaching our children. Let us forget about the old people for now and focus on the generation to come, if Christ tarries.If you are within the age of 30 and 40 now, have you ever pondered over what will become of your own children? We need to teach them that love and sex outside marriage causes heartbreak, diseases, disappointment, frustration, set back and death.This book covers all you need to know about first love and virginity, first love and marriage, love courtship and sex, adultery – causes, effects and control, SSTD – the way out, pre – marital sex – effect and control plus over 150 questions on love, sex and marriage.This book is a must read for teenagers, youths, adults and couples.Get this book, educate yourself and also become a relationship counselor. Most especially to your family members. The book can be used in the home, for moral instruction in schools, for Sunday school in churches, by NGOs on STD/HIV/AIDS control, children evangelism etc.Get your copy now.


This book is an inspired book which is meant to inspire your life unto greatness. The writer did not write because he just felt like but for records to be kept right so this work is meant to meet peoples need,  solve their problem as well  as given sense of direction to them. this is  born out of divine inspiration.This book comprises of four chapters which are: learning, followership, relocation and power of Elijah.

Everybody in this world have potentials and these potentials need to be developed by learning. When you give yourself to  learning, you have only succeeded in gathering information needed to excel in a particular field. Every field of endeavour has a particular secret that must be sought for if a man is to make an impact in such a given line of human endeavour.

For you to learn, you must be a follower. The time of followership is the time of humility, if you fail to submit to a higher authority now, you will never be a good leader. You may remain a follower because you refused to follow a leader. The greatness of a man depends on how much he can see, if you see nothing, you will have nothing.

Sometimes in life, you have to change your position to change your situation because where you are can determine what you are and what you become. Put it in your mind that your present state is not your final status.

The power of Elijah is the power of intercession. The power that brings the will of God to bear on earth. It is power of vengeance over God’s enemies; it is equally the power that makes the kingdom of God to come alive on the surface of the earth. The power of Elijah is the power that lives in gross darkness and triumphed. It shows the light of God despite the level of occultist operations on the earth.

As you combine these secrets, sky will never be your limit. Happy reading as you get this book.,