Creating romantic atmosphere as a couple.

Creating romantic atmosphere as a couple.
Whenever romance is mentioned, majority term it to be sexual inter course. But what is the real meaning of this thing called ROMANCE.

Romance simply means an intimate, romantic relationship between two people; a love affair.

It also means a strong obsession or attachment for something or someone.

Romance means Love which is pure or beautiful.

OK, if this is the meaning,

The question then is, ” what do you mean when you say your spouse is not romantic?

The answer to this is very simple.

You are actually saying “your spouse is not in love with you”

Romance is a show of love.

Romance is an act of love.

When there is no romance in a relationship, or when you say your spouse is not romantic, it means he/she does not know how to display love and affection to you.

Many people are not romantic (showing love to others) because they have no love in them. You can only give what you have.

So I will go to the next topic which is:

I) Where should romance begin

Romance is showing love to your spouse in a way that will convinced him or her you truly love.

So romance should begin with you.

For you to show love, you have to love your self first, self confidence is essential in this aspect. In marriage, you have to show your self affection, tell your self how beautiful you are or how handsome you look. If you feel inferior within your self, you can not show your partner any love when you don’t have it in your self. So romance should begin with you.

ii). What is romance from a wife to her husband

OK, this is another aspect we have to take seriously. As a woman you need to know what is expected of you from your husband. What your husband could see for him to say you are romantic, not doing them means you are not romantic as far as a man is concern.

Romance to your husband are

  1. Your tune or voice means a lot to a man. Some women are good in this while some are not.
  2. Your dressing or appearance matters a lot to a man. How you styled your hair, what you put on to set him on etc. As a wife, you need to entice your husband with good dressing most especially when you are at home. If your husband says you are not romantic, that could be one of the things he wanted. Dress sexy for your husband.

3.How much affection and attention you show in love making is very important to your husband, it shows him your degree of love for him. Since romance is a show of love and affection, this aspect is very important.

  1. To be considered romantic as a wife, never create a distance. Only few women kill their husband with love, caring, affection, like hugging, holding, touching, kissing etc.
  2. How you walk could be a turn on for your husband, believe me. You know men don’t need to hear it so often like women, they just need to see it live and practical.
  3. How you call him and how you answer means a lot to your husband. It depict your deep love for him because it will be a sign of respect as far as he is concern. If you don’t respect your husband, is a bad signal you don’t love him, so romance will be far from you to him.

iii). What is romance from a man to his to wife

Men you have work to do hear, women nature are complicated so much that a man has to go extra mile to carry them along cooperatively and enthusiastically. You remember our previous topic that (a man need to make love to feel loved while a woman need to be loved to make love). God wired women in a complicated way, so you need a lot of work to get them along. If you can’t do this as a man you can never be considered to be romantic by your wife.

  1. Woo her everyday. Sound funny right, but is real. Have you noticed that women are not always in the mood? But believe me as a man, she is just waiting for another chasing even in your home. Women play hard to get outside, so also in marriage. They derive joy in their husband toasting, wooing or chasing them like a new bird. If you know this then you are romantic. Is a sign that you love her.
  2. Say it loud and clear. Women bothered so much about what you have in your mind but derive satisfaction from what you say with your mouth, even though it may be fake but they want to hear it. Men are moved by what they see but women are moved by what they hear. Any man in love with the wife should be vocal about it. Say it as many time as you can in a day, it is a turn on technique for your wife.
  3. Play your game well in the bed. Women love more of outer course than inter course. So as a man, let not your focus only be on sex and satisfaction, let it be on making your woman proud, in raising her dignity, building up her confidence in her self and in you. This depends on what you say, touch, and how long you stay together.
  4. How often you make her laugh. This is also important to your wife, when you make her happy it shows how much you love her and care about her physical and emotional needs.

iv). When romance can become irritating
Naturally, everyone desire love and to be loved, no one reject hands of a genuine love and affection except there is a problem. God created us with a deep feelings of love, so everyone seek true love. But your partner may not appreciate your love or good gesture because of the followings:
1 when the only time you say I love you is when a special thing

  1. When it is only heard in the inner room for sex
  2. When it is adjudged by your spouse as only for a request
  3. When your partner is unhappy may as a result of an unsettled issues or an unmet need.

v). When romance can become frustrated.

You need to understand that consistent and meaningful romance ( show of love) create happiness, stimulate your emotion, increases psychological and emotional balances and consequently could lead to sexual appetite or strong sexual attraction between couples, this is just normal and natural.

If you as a partner will not be sensitive and ever ready for the outcome of a romantic atmosphere, it will become frustration to a spouse most especially when it has become consistent.

In order not to frustrate a romantic spouse, you just have to spice it up with intimate moment.

Secondly, romance will become frustrated when it is not reciprocated. One person can not create romance, or romantic atmosphere, it takes the two. So romance will only happen between two love birds, but when one is uncooperative or not appreciative of the moment and the language, it leads to frustration.

So in your relationship, are you frustrating romance or you are encouraging it?

When romantic atmosphere is consistently frustrated in your marriage a partner may become cold towards the other. That may not be his or her style or faults but because of negative responses.

vi). How to create romantic atmosphere.
Women brood more in this environment, that is, a romantic atmosphere. As a couple, to create romantic atmosphere you have to be in love with your spouse.

The worst you can do to your self is to be in a relationship but having your heart or eyes else where.

You can’t create any good moment with your partner with this attitude.

Romance is wonderful both to the giver and the receiver they both benefit from it. Let your eyes be single, commit your strength, your attention and love to your partner.

vii). Knowing romantic languages.
Romance has languages so you need to know it as a wife and as husband. These are love languages:

  1. I love you
  2. Your cloth is nice
  3. You look beautiful
  4. You are handsome
  5. You smell good
  6. You are the best

viii). Who should be more romantic in a home.
This has been a bone of contention when it comes to romance, we ask who should be more romantic?

The truth is this, romance is two ways communication if it comes only one sided, there will be a problem. But since a man is the head of a home and the wife he should take the lead.

Couple should take it as a competition to see who will win but of there is laxity the man should take over as the head. But sincerely speaking, after marriage, it takes the strong love of a wife to sustain the marriage.

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