I know you might probably be wondering, “Is there really a reason to laugh? And if there is what would it be then? Right? Or probably I am even wrong and then you’re thinking that what the hell is this writer trying to say now and what sort of lame article title is this? Because, of a truth, I thought the same things too initially!

Well, dear reader, I believe you’ve seen “lamer” and more absurd article titles. This is definitely not your first and it will definitely not be your last either, because the world is breeding more writers and the more there are writers, the more “lame” articles you would come across.

Enough of the chit-chat anyways, let’s get serious with what we came here for. So it appears that you reading this now really interested in knowing the reasons you should laugh because if you’re not, you would probably be reading something else or maybe even doing something else that is not related to reading at all!

All the same, you’re welcome here. Reading my first sentence, you might think that I like to play around too much, right? Well, I do like to play around, I mean, who doesn’t! it’s just a part of living you know.

So in case you don’t know yet, laughter is good. it’s really good that without it, life will be so boring and so full of misery and sadness. You might not know exactly why you should do it, but just do it because it really has some underlying benefits that you didn’t even know about.

I guess that’s why you’re reading this in the first place. You want to know why laughter is good right? Well, not to worry you’re surely in the right place and in due time you’ll see 5 reasons why it is important to laugh.

We can all laugh for so many reasons. Some might be because we heard or saw something funny or we might even laugh sarcastically in a way of mockery or ridicule. We might even find ourselves laughing for no reason and people might think, “this is madness”.

Well, it is, in a good way. As long as you know you’re laughing without reason, then that’s totally fine. You really have nothing to worry about. Real madness is when you don’t know that you’re laughing and yet laughing without a definite reason. You really need to be thoroughly checked by then.

Anyways, let’s get down to our 5 reasons already.

One reason you should laugh is that it can help clear your mind and help you think clearly. And we both know that these are 2 things we really would want to be doing at all times in our lives.

This brain of ours can be so jam-packed and full of stuff that is not really needed and at that, we find ourselves mixing things up in our brains and not knowing what goes for what.

Now, do you know that with laughter, you can clear out the junks that seem to be hindering your thinking and as such, you’ll be able to think clearly?

This is how you should go about it in case you don’t know-how. Whenever you find yourself retarding, or probably you want to get some important task done, but for some reason, you can’t seem to figure out how to go about it and you surely do know you can do it and that it is in you, but you just need a trigger or some kind of push, then, just walk away from that task for a while and go something fun.

You can watch a comedy clip for a while and that will help you to relax your nerves and in due time, you’ll start seeing solutions coming to your head.

This might sound strange to you, especially if you’re not medically inclined. Well, it has been shown that laughter is one thing that boosts immunity. Though researches are still ongoing on this matter, scientist still has already proven to some extent that laughter truly does play a role in our various immune responses.

Well, I couldn’t agree more with this because I really believe everything happens for a reason and nothing is just there just for the existence of it alone.

I mean, God didn’t create anything that has no use. You might not know the use yet, but it definitely does have one.

So laughter is not out of this too you know. In case you don’t know, I was as shocked as you when I first knew that laughter helps our immune system.

One time, I remember reading an article titled, “13 Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Immune System”  and “laughing” happens to be the number one thing that was mentioned. A part of the article reads;

“Laughter decreases cortisol, which then reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases oxygen intake, enhances the immune system and reduce the risk of having heart disease or a stroke”.

So, do you agree with me now, or do you still want me to give further explanations? I think you’re good, so we move on!

Now let me gist you a little about muscles. I guess you know what muscles are already? In case you don’t know, muscles are more or less body tissues involved in contraction and relaxation, and the rest are details.  Now, do you know that there are exactly 43muscles in our face and 30 are used when we laugh?

It may even surprise you to know that frowning makes use of all 43muscles and that can be quite stressful, don’t you think? So basically the difference between both is just 13muscles and that is still quite large a number you know.

So tell me, why won’t I laugh more when it appears that I use fewer muscles to do so, no just tell me why won’t I?

The most intriguing part of this whole gist is that smiling, yes, your normal smiling takes even lesser muscles than both. It actually takes 17muscles.

Well, that aside because we’re not talking about smiling here, so I won’t say much. I just decided to let you know this interesting fact about it.

Anyways, all I’m trying to say is that laughing is a great deal for both our mental and physical (as well as facial) well-being and you can see proof from the muscles already.

Now here’s another kicker and this one is a really good one, way better than the one you just read before this. Laughter, in reality, can make you look way younger than you seem. I’m not just saying this because I want to fill a space for my article, in as much as I want to, I won’t say things that are not true. It’s really a fact and scientists have proven it.

Come to think of it, have you not wondered why some people look younger than their actual age? Seeing them for the first time, you might just conclude an age or a range in your mind because of the way they look. But when you find out their age from them, you’re shocked at your bones because they didn’t even fall within the age range you’ve given them in your head.

And you begin to wonder why. And these so-called people are always cheerful and so full of laughter, but you fail to realize that these things are factors that contribute to their looking young and vibrant.

So, now I guess you would want to look younger and radiant than you seem? Then laugh! Just laugh! Don’t allow anything to spoil the joy within you that can produce laughter for you later. Just make sure not to overdo any of it because as they say, “Too much of everything is bad”.

Now the best part of this whole laughter gist is that it can help improve your overall productivity in ways you don’t even expect like literally, you won’t even know that it can do such a thing.

You might not really know how it does it, but just know that it does it and it does it in a very good way, like really good.

I know now that you may feel like I’m talking a lot of nonsense things. Well, I agree. Even I don’t know where all this is coming from. But I guess my level of productivity is not retarding in any way because I have laughter encoded in my gene already.

Now jokes apart. Laughter is really a very good way to boost your level of productivity. I mean, if it can clear your mind to think properly, then what is in productivity level that it can’t improve?

Lots of people don’t really know and that’s why they take life so seriously. Well, now you’re among the few people that knows it already, why not begin to practice it and make it a habit and a lifestyle. Laughter is truly the best medicine, no other “drugs” can beat that!

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