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I welcome you to this marriage seminar, you can call it honey moon retreat you are correct. This will run in series…
I will start with this story.
My experience with my first child.
My first child was sick as usual when he was two years plus. It is just normal for children to develop such condition most especially for growth. I saw it as that normal malaria thing then I opted for his medication as usual, his usual medication that has been effective for him over a year. We administered the drug which we have been using for him anytime we notice these symptoms, it was a nurse who prescribed the medicine, he has been taken it before this time and it has been working perfectly for him. But in this case it was like a special case, the more we administered the drug the more the situation escalates, we were confused. Is it not the same medicine we have been administering and has been very effective for him? But this time around it failed.

My son could not eat anymore, he could not sleep at night, sores covered his mouth then I realised something new has to be done so I went to the clinic narrated his conditions to the medical expert. The woman asked me the drug I have administered I told her, then she told me I made a mistake even though that drug is effective but my son have outgrown the type so I need a higher gram to be effective for him at his age now. She gave me other ones. Surprisingly, the first dose started the magic, my baby slept very well. I felt bad, so I’m the one suffering this boy all this while by administering the drug meant for a year old baby on a baby who is above two years. Will it ever work? Of course it never worked. This is called drug abuse, you will say, not so? I will tell you too, never abuse your marriage by sheer ignorance

Ignorance, lack of information, self medication, you can call it whatever, but I later knew I was actually at fault not the boy nor the sickness. That sickness is part of life but I lack the right attitudes to tackle it.

This goes to marriage, the experience of life as a youth or in courtship is never to be compared with marriage. If you use the same approach you’ve been using to handle your father or mother, siblings, your friends, your colleagues or past relationship in your marriage now, you may kill that marriage early than you ever think. That your marriage is like a child now, it need attentions, knowledge, experience to nurture it to growth.

It is not all marriages that have failed that are meant to be, but because a wrong approach was used there can’t be any positive result. It is not the marriage or what happened in the marriage that is the problem, but the patties in the marriage called couples or husband and wife. Some couples only realised they are actually at fault when they have either destroyed the marriage or just enduring it, (just like me with my child). When you make consultations, talk and listen to expert, when experienced people counsel you , you will suddenly know that all the symptoms of seemingly bad marriages are not bad at all they are just normal, that never made it bad until we make it bad by our approaches to issues around the home, they are just normal symptoms for growth, for familiarity, for affection, for attentions etc.

Lack of proper information may cause a wreck of a marriage, that’s not the plan of God for you. He did not institute marriage to kill you, He did not give you marriage to add to your problems but to solve it, all we need is knowledge to make it work.
Welcome to this retreat we are believing God that He will guide us through to make us role models in our marriage in Jesus name.

I will end with these questions because it will lead us to our next discussion. Your first test! Do not worry very simple just an attempt.


1. It is important to marry whom you love?

2. It is important to love whom you married?

I need your answer to be sure we are actually together. Which one is correct. ONLY ONE IS CORRECT NOT THE TWO. JUST PICK ONE. I’M WAITING….send me your answer now in the box below.

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