Disappointment in relationship is on the increase, some marriages today are facing stiff challenges. Sexual perversion among the youths is ravaging the beauty of our society. Teenage pregnancy is rising daily hence babies are giving birth to babies. Calamity is all over the homes, and it seems there is no one left out in this absurd situation.

It seems that the world has nothing to offer such that it has become difficult to control sexual perversion that is ravaging the society.

As a result, sex has been legalized through the production of condom and all manner of family planning pills which has made it difficult to discourage sex outside marriage.

Yet with all the canal devices, rape cases are increasing all over the world, teenage pregnancy has not stopped. There is infidelity, unfaithfulness and promiscuity everywhere just as adultery has become the order of the day, what shall we do?

Sex education seems to be a very necessary tool to be employed in teaching our children. Let us forget about the adults for now and focus on the generation to come, if Christ tarries.

If you are within the age of 30 and 40 now, have you ever pondered over what will become of your own children? We need to teach them that love and sex outside marriage causes heartbreak, diseases, disappointment, frustration, set back and death.

To avoid painful disappointment as youths you need to know and interprets this scripture as it is written in songs of Solomon chapter 4 verse 12:

“A garden in closed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed”.

Who is the personality the bible is referring to here? She is a woman who got married as a virgin.

There is no guarantee that that friendship no matter how promising it could look like will consummate into marriage. When it not on the altar of marriage, it is still a promse which may break at any time. But if promises breaks but your body is still exactly as your birth, then consider yourself lucky as a man or a woman. You only have to regret the relationship which could not hold as you dreamt of it and not your broken body and soul.

To avoid painful heart break as youth, be like a virgin garden, be like a spring shut up and a fountain sealed, you know what that means? Your  virginity.

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