How to build lasting relationship as a couple


  1. Spend quality time together. Establish a time each week, then guard it with your lives! Ok, maybe not with your lives. You get the point, it’s important. Don’t allow it “flexible” to other responsibilities or events that come up.
  2. Explore each other’s interests. Intentionally study the things that influence your husband or wife and enthusiastically join them. It may take some sacrifice on your part, especially if it’s not your cup of tea, but the results are completely worth it.
  3. Excellent communication is a key to building a friendship with your spouse. Marriages that share honestly about matters, whether positive or challenging, build stronger relationships.
    Acknowledge and affirm qualities that you love about each other. Don’t assume they already know. Write them a note, text, or in person.
  4. Play together! Laughter and fun are keys to building a friendship with your spouse.
  5. Celebrate each other’s differences. Surprise! You aren’t carbon copies. Accept and allow each other to be themselves without judgment.
    Encourage each other. Help one another excel. Anticipate pitfalls. Also, nudge or boot each other along.
  6. Trust, accountability and mutual respect should be a priority in the areas of relationships, sex, and finances.
  7. Be gentle with each other. Being best friends with your spouse means nourishing and caring for one another. It provides comfort. Building a friendship with your spouse makes it possible to sympathize, empathize, and lift each other up in difficult times.
  8. Be transparent with one another. Don’t limit your conversations to reporting the events of the day. Be real with how you feel.
  9. Work together on projects. Not only are you spending time together, but you are also building team skills.
  10. Learn to fight fair. Being best friends with your spouse doesn’t mean you never argue. Disagreements in marriage can be a building block to a stronger relationship if you learn to fight fair in marriage. Use conflicts to sharpen and purify your friendship.
  11. Establish daily habits, especially praying together.
  12. Shared interests and values are a key to building a friendship with your spouse.
    Be willing to learn together and from one another.

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