It grieves my heart to see women suffer for love.

It is very painful for a woman to suffer alone for the course enjoyed by two persons.

Several time I see ladies becoming single mothers struggling with baby alone which is actually the hand work of a man. Many times, these girls will be out-rightly denied by the man whom they thought was their true lover.

Time without number has a woman confidently surrender her heart to a man only to turn sore and at last disappointed but not until the man must have fulfilled his devilish desires and properly make sure he has soaked the girl to dry  and her pride gone.

I felt I heard a man said I had that girl yesterday, it was her first time, I have opened her up. Yes I have achieved my aim I have nothing to do with her anymore, then he will come up with one excuse or the other to disengage the innocent girl in order to pave way for more other innocent ones still outside there to increase his list of girls.

The question now is, what happened to the love he professes, what happened to the promises,  the material gifts and those romantic confessions. Afterall, they are meant to induce the innocent girl to dance to his tones.

Alas, women have to be  wise.

Going back to the scripture, when a man and a woman is cut in an  adultery or fornication, the man is to be flogged while the woman is to be killed. Why?

When a man deflowered a girl he is forced to pay the dowry and marry the girl.

The meaning of this is that women are made to produce holy seeds through their holy living and cleanliness. Yes, this holy seed is what the devil is fighting against in you. So women be wise again.

I have seen women’s hearts chattered, battered and broken by men who will never stand by their promises. Promising two, three women getting married to none.

Then is it not better for me to keep my self as a woman till I meet a man who is ready for  marriage and pay the price for the marriage.

I think a man worthy of  giving your body is that who is ready, by action paid your dowry and take  you to the alter and not on the alter of promise and fail.

As a girl, refuse sex attempt from a man who is still at the alter of promises and not marriage no matter  how much love you both profess, a true love should translate to marriage before sex is considered.

No matter the level or degree of love still at the altar of promises, sister, anything could  still happen, that marriage may not hold, so to avoid those regrets as, “why did I do it with him”, why did I give out my body” how sheepishly have I lost my pride” keep your self.

By knowledge shall the righteous be delivered..

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