MARRIAGE: 18 best advice for you as a single man from expert.


By Akindele Victor
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1). Look for the fear of God as the
first criteria for marrying a lady
and not beauty or material things, they
are deceptive. The container will deceive
you, go for the content that is original.

2). Never be among those who wish to
keep long list of girls they have disflowered,
else you may have had your wife among your
long list of girls you have discarded. You may
loose your real wife in the process.

3). Make sure you do not have anything to
do with a girl you know you can never
marry from the start. If not she may become
a snare to you. What you know you will not eat,
do not smell says an adage.

4). Avoid keeping too many girls around
you because if you do you may have many
explanations to the girl you may want to marry.
She may think you are just a play boy.

5). Try as much as possible to make your
intention known to a lady you want. Never
hesitate, delay may be dangerous.

6). Treat with utmost respect any girl who
turns down your proposal, do not go around
bullying and threatening. That is a sign of
immaturity. It is better she tells you the truth
than to pretend why someone else actually
occupies her mind.

7). Never feel rejected to the extent of
finding it difficult to approach another
girl because a girl turned down your proposal.
Many good and beautiful girls are outside
there praying to have you. It is for men to
propose and it is for women to accept or reject.

8). As a man, never think it is too early to
start planning for marriage at the age of 25.
You should be able to settle down in marriage
between 25-35 years. You do not want to start
training children at your old age I think?

9). Money is not the only reason why every
woman is looking for a man, there are
genuine and Godly ladies who come around
for genuine reason. So do not treat every
woman that comes around as a cheater, you
may be mistaken an angel to be a devil.
So give everyone around you chance to
proof whom they are.

10). Do not look for an angel as a wife
when as a man you are not ready to be
a good man that will create heaven for her,
else she will create an hell for you on earth.
Your attitude may bring out devil from her
angelic nature, be warned. So try to be a
good man to your partner. Women multiples
what is given to them and give back.

11). Try as much as possible not to double date,
it will cause lost of trust for you. The woman
who will marry you may find it difficult
to believe you will never cheat on her.
This is one of the causes of lack of trust
in marriages today.

12). Do not break a girls heart because
of another woman. If it must happen,
please make her understand why, but never
to make her feel is because of another girl.
You may be bringing upon yourself a course
you will not be able to carry.

13). Never go after or get involved with a
women you know is already committed to a
relationship except she has already
call it quit. If you do, you are heaping upon
yourself hot coal that may born you at any time.

14). As a young man please I beg you in the
name of God, never you have anything to
do with a married woman in the name of love,
if you do God Himself will fight you.
Except you repent you can never get over
the course. Either in the name of your EX, or
woman friend, as long as she is married, it
is an abomination for you to go out with her
so run for your dear life and stop mortgaging
your future.

15). As a young man be careful of the
company of guys you keep. Evil communication
will corrupt your good manner says the bible.

16). Never live a fake life because you want
to impress a lady to accept you. Nothing is
secret under heaven, whatever you compromise
to have you will loose it at the end and that will be
painful to you. No matter your condition your
love will accept you but she will not be happy
when she discovers you are fake, that may break
her down completely. Any girl who refused
you because of your low life status now is
not meant to be your wife.

17). Too long courtship is not good for you, it
has untold consequences ( prone to formication,
disappointment, unnecessary expenses etc).
So make sure you are ready before going
into courtship.

18). Having your own apartment will facilitate
your engagement with a girl of your choice
as well as your wedding. Staying in your
father’s house or a friend will delay you.
Ladies love security in relationship than sex.
So having an apartment does not mean is
for sexual sin, it is to give the girl confidence
and security. It is not all about a big apartment,
you can just start with a room as a beginner…..

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