Marriage experience every couple must have.

Marriage experience every couple must have.

By Pastor Akindele Victor.

Fight, argument, displeasure, disputes, disagreement or call it whatever you want, are not peculiar to your marriage, it is common to every couple. It is nothing but an experience you must have in order to adjust at every stage of your cycle in marriage and also to know each other better. What matters is how you handle it, how you handles it also largely depends on your understanding about these stages of life.

I have treated cycle one to six, to the glory of God, we have come to the last cycle of marriage. What goes around we say comes around, that is an illustration of cycle of life.

So in marriage, couples starts with only two and also end with only two.

How many people actually give this a thought? or if they do, how many prepare for it.

Every marriage must commence with two, a man and his wife not the opposite and also end with two a man and his wife.

Cycle seven is the last cycle of marriage, which I called the HONEY MOON PHASE TWO!
So far i have discussed on six cycles which are:
1) Honey moon cycle
2). The competition cycle
3) Disenchantment cycle.
4). Troublous cycle
5). Compromise cycle
6). Settlement and Acceptance cycle

Here my seventh cycle of marriage is HONEY MOON PHASE TWO.

Cycle seven is the last cycle of marriage this means that couples found themselves where they started. At this honey moon phase two, couples begin to reap what they sowed in their marriage.

Expectedly, this phase suppose to be another moment of joy, adventure and peace to couples, but getting this depends on how couples were able to manage other cycles before getting to this last one.

In other hands, it is a phase where some couples actually regrets, suffer, become unhappy while some also have happy moment together. They eventually reap what they have sowed.

Every young couples today must become old tomorrow. It is the prayer of every couple to have children and pray for them to be settled also in their own marriage. This is my description of a successful marriage.

No parent pray that their children should stay with them for ever except under demonic manipulations.

Consequently, as they train them they also have it in mind that these children must leave one day to start their own life.

Couples watch their children leave their home one after the other as a result of a search for better life and eventually for marriage.

Consequently, the journey of life that started with two eventually come back to the two who started it some years ago.

To better understand this, I will give you 12 facts about HONEY MOON PHASE TWO in cycles of marriage.

1). The first honey moon is the first cycle of marriage

  1. The second phase of honey moon is the last cycle of
  2. At the second phase of honey moon (MOON PHASE TWO) the couples starts over again from where they started from when they got married.

4). In the first honey moon, couples are younger and sexual.

  1. In the second phase of honey moon, couples are older and mostly with less sexual satisfactions. This depends on their age and health at this period.
  2. At the honey moon phase two, couples have trained their children, sent them forth and now they are left alone as husband and wife again just as they started alone.
  3. At this phase, most couples depend on their children for decision making, health care and hospitality.
  4. It is another moment of enjoyment for couples who were able to face and conquered challenges imposed on them at every cycles of marriage.
  5. Interestingly though, this phase is also a time of regrets to some couples who were unable to pay the price to get to this phase successfully.
  6. Honey moon phase two as a cycle of marriage is a time of rewards from God, children, society and also from the partners themselves.
  7. At this stage, economic activities have drastically reduced for most couples, others are more active in social and spiritual activities.
  8. Honey moon phase two is always a pay back time to partners, if they were happy together before now, they will be happy together at this phase but if otherwise they detest, hates and complains a lot about each other which is not healthy for them at this age they will also reap it at this phase.

This is why I encourage every couple to prepare for their future, never destroy your tomorrow with your ignorance today.

Regrettably, greater number of couples never work together with this vision in their heart on how will their end look like together. Some never remember that this day will come, this explain why they are carried away by their strong emotion, most partners misbehaved, refused to forgive. Some hates their partner without repentance and prefer separation while others may move on but with discord and fight which will pay back at the last cycle.

Some prefer to quit before this day since they already envisaged there is nothing good left for them in the marriage.

Excitedly, many other couples envisioned this phase, fight together in the marriage and conquered together. Today, they can rejoice together, celebrate together and they see their children celebrating endurance, long suffering, patience, tolerance, compromise and Godly fear of their parents. May this last part be the portion of the reader of this piece where your children will be proud of you and emulate you to succeed in their own marriage in Jesus name.

You will end well in Jesus name.


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