Reasons why you fake orgasm as a wife and solutions.
By Pastor Akindele Victor

Faking orgasm, whether it is bad or not…It depends on you. When you do it, does it make you feel better or you are sad after every inter course. If you feel good about it, then it means that is your own window for satisfaction, but if you always feel bad there after which is always the case, then it is bad and you are not doing your self and your spouse any good because if you don’t feel happy with your husband in this aspect of marriage (sex) it will affect every other aspects of that marriage including your children. You are not doing good because you never open up, there can never be solution. Couples need to be frank and discuss in marriage and not to pretend. Let there be open communication.
But in real sense, I want to ask these questions:
Does women actually fake orgasm?
Is faking orgasm good or bad?
Are there solutions to fake orgasm?

I think here we should talk more of causes and solutions to this instead of debating if it is good or bad. @

These three factors may result to this and these are solutions

  1. The woman is not deeply in love with the husband. In sexual intercourse with a wife who is deeply in love, most cases she will be half way to orgasm before the husband even penetrate. The love will stimulates her naturally and give her deep feeling of satisfaction and faster flow of blood to her brain.

Women make love not sex.
Women make love with the heart first before it touches the body.

So the woman should let go of whatever is the barriers from loving her husband and begin to admire and appreciate him for whom he is so that she can get the love to grow and thereby connect to the man in her heart. Also as a woman, do those good and godly things you know gives you joy naturally, it is a mistake some women make because they lack self confidence, they depend on what their husband or people around say about them to measure how good they are and how beautiful they may look. As a wife, build your self confidence, believe in your self, love your self and appreciate the woman you have grown to be. Wear good clothes that makes you feel satisfied with your self, engage in those things that could make you happy. Happiness naturally will help boost your brain functions and help you look healthy

  1. The couple may be so religious, that it becomes a taboo for the wife to express her feelings willingly to the husband. Religion is one big obstacle to sexual satisfaction amongst believers. Some ladies are already trained to detest anything sex and by so doing it becomes awkward and sin to mention it talk more of engaging in it with the husband.

This alone can impede a woman libido, it could also make the husband not creative in sexual activities.

To overcome this, couples just have to come to the knowledge that it is God who created sex for mutual love and existence of couples and not the devil. Sex is spiritual
Again, they need to join a group for sex education to help them perform better. Let the couple be open to themselves, get sex education groups to join or better get sex education materials on line and be open to the teachings for their own good.

  1. Another thing that could cause this is inadequate flow of blood into the brain and sexual organs. When there is no free flow of blood in the system, the woman may take a very long time to reach orgasm and most women will just give up after fruitless trials. This could make her fake orgasm in order not to touch the pride of the husband.

Any woman that is having this problem or a delay in reaching orgasm despite the love for the husband and atmosphere of joy and happiness, yet you could not enjoy your sexual life.

The solution is to look for these supplements in any big pharmacy around the town

  • Gingko bilobia
  • Calcium, Magnesium and sink ( three in one)
  • Omega three.
  • for ever living MACA supplement

All these supplements help in the free flow of blood into the brain and all sex organs. When the clitoris gets the right amount of blood, it becomes more tender and sensitive. When the blood can flow faster and better, it helps to climax faster when making love with a partner. Take the supplement any type you get twice daily ( but once a day for Ginko bilobia).

May God revive your home in Jesus name…
Happiness in your marriage is our concern…
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