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You’re in love and you’re engaged, but are you really ready for married life?

Here are nine things couples should know before getting married:

1. Your spouse is not going to complete you.

2. Be aware of the expectations you’re bringing into the

3. You won’t always feel “in love.”

4. Your partner’s family relationships are key. 

5. Know your partner’s finances. 

6. Conflict is inevitable — recognize your role in resolving

7. Discuss what a breach of trust would mean to you. 

8. When the going gets tough, don’t call it quits right away. 

9. Express love

After Wedding…..

you will always meet women
more beautiful than your wife,
better cooks,
more intelligent,
more spiritual,
more elegant, etc
but they are not your wife.
Your wife is your wife.

you will definitely meet men
with better bodybuild,
richer men,
more handsome,
more influential,
more powerful,
more caring than your husband.
But they are not your husband.
Your husband is your husband.

Commitment in marriage means you have vowed…
to have no options,
no alternatives,
no plan Bs
aside your spouse.

If you can’t handle that, please stay in your father’s house, marriage is not for you.

God bless your home

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