The story of a cook who is now to be the boss wife

I Gave Oga A Boy” – Lady Overjoyed As Boss Who Employed Her As A Cook Promises To Marry Her After Giving Him A Son

A Nigerian woman who worked as a chef for her boss, couldn’t contain her joy after falling in love and giving birth to a kid for him.

Sally claimed that soon after starting her job, she fell in love with her employer. She claimed that each time he consumed some of her food, she always grinned.

She didn’t realize, however, that he was also interested in her until he started approaching her. She granted his request, and he was given a son. Now that he has promised, they will wed by December.

“I got employed to be the cook for this cute bachelor. The salary wasn’t good but I still did my job with joy. I had a crush on oga sha. I always smiled and watched him eat my food.

“I hoped he saw that I liked him not knowing that he actually really liked me but couldn’t speak up cause he had a very bad heartbreak and couldn’t speak up anymore.

As love brought them together, I hope they will have a good home.
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