This story will help to know that to be a full time house wife without a skill or qualifications is dangerous.

We lost a senior Academics to the cold hands of death recently and the young family he left behind got us very worried and disturbed.

To provide some succour, concerned friends and colleagues pressed on the Vice Chancellor to offer the widow of the deceased a job in the faculty. When the VC acceded to our request, we were elated and rushed to get her documents to fast track the process. Well, our surprise knew no first when she revealed that her highest qualification was SSCE and nothing more. My dazzled self is still yet to awake.

How does a man get a woman for a wife, but keeps her from making any kind of progress, while he flourishes in his career? I mean, you met a woman with SSCE, loved her enough to marry her, but while you progress from First degree to second to PhD to the Professorial seat, your wife remains a SSCE holder? No education, no skills learnt and garnered, no business, no nothing, just a holder of the revered office of House Wife. I’ve seen love, I know love, but you this one here, it is a new level of love I don’t want to research into.

My dear sister, before you say yes to that guy, please ask him what progress plan he has in-store for you other than ‘borning’. How does he intend to support your dreams and progress. A woman is not only destined to ‘born’ and hold the title of ‘House wife’. There is life beyond birthing children and managing the home. You are human with a brain, a mind and talents. Never allow marriage limit you or reduce you to some kind of dunce.

I say this from a vexed estate.

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