Three Things We Should Not Struggle To Get In Life

There are three basic things ordained by God which men need not to struggle to get in life but should come naturally as man progresses from one stage of life to the other.


One is that you do not need to struggle before you get a partner, a suitable partner to marry.


Two, you do not need to struggle to have the fruit of the womb, it should come naturally.


Lastly, men do not need to struggle before getting a shelter, a comfortable home where to live.


The reason why men do not need to struggle, fast or pray to have all these is because from the beginning, the creator made them male and female, so naturally there is law of attraction that magnetized everyone to the opposite sex. This could be well understood by studying the animal kingdom. How do they peer themselves male to female, they do not need any struggle or prayer to make it happen.


The fruit of the womb is a blessing that has been declared from creation upon every creature both man and animal – “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth” is the command. There shall be non-barren in the land is another assurance. It only take a male and a female coming together, activate the process of pro-creation and then the fulfillment of the blessing will come – “pregnancy”.


In the world today, human beings not only fast, pray and struggle to get partner for marriage; they equally struggle to keep the marriage going. It is either that the marriage is enjoyable and blissful or it is endurable and full of bad feelings.


Either of these is what we witness in the home today. There are lots of late marriages and broken or unsettled homes world over simply because the rules of the game is not understood or observed.

God instituted marriage to solve a problem of loneliness, produce a helper and for pro-creation.


God never intended that marriage will compound human problems, so we need to look inward to see if actually we are following the creator’s manual for successful homes.

In this site, i not only address how to get a partner without struggling but also how to keep marriage blissful and fruitful following Godly principles.


To achieve this blissful and fruitful marriage, every one created of God and born by Man should have the manufacturer’s manual so that the product will work as presented.

We need to follow God’s manual and instructions to help make our homes successful you will succeed in this your marriage, you will not struggle to bring it together but it will follow naturally to become a role model, a home others will emulate in Jesus name.

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