To Be Attractive to Your Partner..How to work on yourself.

To be attractive to your partner: Work on your self
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5. Work on your self: This is another way you can make your self loveable to your spouse. Most emphasis on this always go to women but to me men are also culprit of not taking care of themselves in marriage. Wives have complained to me that their husband can wear a boxer unwashed for one week, what about singlet? Or coming back from work to sleep like that without talking shower. What about impression of taking bath without soap and sponge, they will only pour water and convinced themselves they have bathed.

By the way what do i mean when I say take care of your self? In a nutshell, I mean be clean in all ramification. In as much that I said you should love whom you married unconditionally does not mean whom you married should now be careless about his or her appearance.

We are social animal, we work with others, we live with others, our eyes can see and we appreciate good things when we see them.

Your carelessness about your appearances may become a snare to your partner who value good things, so to help your partner, take care of how you look.

Let me begin with men. Clean your self morning and night with a good warm bath soap and sponge, take good care of your teeth to avoid mouth odour, your under wears should be used once in a day and be washed once you have used it, have a clean shave depending on your style, if your wife like skin clean cut make sure it is what you give her all the time, research have shown that some women like their husband to have good hairy bear and mustache, if that is your case that your wife love it that way keep it but keep it clean. Be neat and decent in your dressing, wash your cloths, give it a clean ironing with a good deodorant. Carry yourself confidently at all time, that attract your wife more to you. Be at the fore front of taking good care of your apartment, initiate good settings and design for your sitting room and  bed room. A well arranged cool, clean and attractive bedroom is a catalyst to women sexual arousal and emotional pleasantry. Women are easily turn on emotionally when they found themselves in a good comfortable decent siren  apartment.  Take responsibility for that as a husband, it will endear your wife to you freely. This may be okey for men for now.

To you as a wife, it is an error for you to think your husband have married you so you can now be loose with your dressing. You need to know this, no man want to marry a grandmother, every man sees the wife with that same eyes he saw her when he first met her, you have to maintain that. Men get easily carried away with young ladies and not old women, make your self young to him all the time. We know young ladies by what they wear, we know old women by what they wear. There is one good thing about our face, it does not change. Every other part of the body may change, but your face remains the same over the years. Take good care of your face, keep it natural, do not battered it with fake decoration except there is a need for that.

As a wife, the moment you conceive and become a nursing mother, everything about your life changes. Your body will change, the shape of your breast can’t be the same ( let me correct an impression here, breast feeding does not cause your breast to sag, flap or lag, it is solely determined by three factors which are your age, malnutrition and size of the breast. As you advance in age, the tissues becomes loose so eventually the shape drops this is why a woman can be a virgin at the age of 35- 40 but her breast have dropped. Again it depends on the size of your breast, a big breast will easily fall than a small breast and lastly your health. If you lack good nutrients no matter your age it will reflect in the shape of your breast, take for instance, a girl at 25 was not feeding well, looking haggard and slim or sick, it will shrink her breast that will make it to flap).

I think this will be a relief to you now, take care of your children. As for age, you can’t do anything about that, as for the size of breast, it is natural and a gift of nature but as for malnutrition, this is man made. So eat well as a wife, sleep well, if you can gym it will be good for you, it will bring out your chest and make your breast firm.

However, how you package your self matters a lot. You may be a fine lady but your appearance may not be attractive. Be mindful of what you wear, remember I am talking on how you can make your self loveable to your husband. Don’t just wear cloth because you like it or because it is a designer, wear what will give you your shape and make you comfortable.

The way you appear in your house before your husband is much more far important than the way you appear outside your home. Your husband sees you most of the time in the house while others see you more outside except if you and your husband are not a working class or that you work in the same office. if not, when you move out to work he may not see you until closing of work, don’t let him value that sexy girl in his office than you. Wear what he likes on you, you can find out from him. A woman once said she finds her husband very Sexy anytime he is on suit, so she prefers the man sleep with the suit, that is what turns her up easily, you may say funny her, but that is uniqueness in man what you dislike is a favourite of another person. Learn what turns your husband on, what he finds attractive in you and do it.

Do not be like women that are under 40 but dresses like grandma in the village, struggling with wrapper in the kitchen and sleeping with the same wrapper on the same bed with the husband. That man may be forced to excuse himself from that bed. Let your hair style be his desire. A woman complained one day that her husband like her when she is on low cut, why should he asked me to cut my hair? Is that not wickedness? Though according to her, when she was pregnant the stress was so much on her that she decided to go on low cut, the husband fell in love with it, confessed to her she is looking so wonderful with the style that he loved it. After that phase, she wanted to now plait her hair but the husband objected.  I asked her, when you dressed up, whom do you dress for? Whom do you expect to get attracted to you and appreciate your appearance, is is not your husband?

When another man passes complimentary to you every now and then, please run from that man like JOSEPH don’t wait for the fire else it will burn you. Only your husband have the right to pass a complementary about your outlook for you to appreciate and get happy about it, not outsiders.

Consequently, dress for your husband not for your self or for your friends outside whether male or female. Your friends may appreciate an outfit and your husband says he does not like it, drop it for him. The only thing is that you may plead with him once in a while to allow you go on an appearance that makes you feel good personally, this should be once in a while. It does not make any sense when you feel good but your husband does not value it, he does not tell you that you look beautiful from his mind is a useless effort.

When you were single, you were conscious of how you look because of what people will say about you in your family, in your office, in your church, in your neighborhood. Some people will quickly go back home to change their attire if perhaps someone they respect so much dear tell them they are not looking good in in a particular dress. Now you are married, channel that energy and that consciousness to your spouse.


Whom should you dress for as a married man or woman?

(A) My self (B) My spouse  (C) Others.

God bless you and your home in Jesus name.


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