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BY Pastor Akindele Victor.

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I have discovered that signs of success or failure of any marriage come up within first week to one year in that marriage, Most of the counseling we do are to amend what have already spoilt hence the need to start early to educate couples of reality of marriage and possible ways of having it cool, blissful and fruitful till the end. To teach how your marriage can be blissful why others are amending and enduring. Knowing what to do at the early stage of your marriage will enable you and your spouse be a role model..

Marriage is central to the fulfilment of God’s plans here on earth. God made Adam and Eve as the first family to serve as a contact between heaven and earth. All the fulfillment of God’s plans of redemption from the beginning of creation to the coming of Christ was connected to marriage. God brought out Abraham from his family, He continued His promises unto Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and to show how valuable marriage is to Him, He visited marry who was already espoused to a man called Joseph according to Matthew 1:18-19 and not to a virgin who was single. All these accounts shows how central and important marriage is to God.

However, there has always been interferences in any form of union by the devil right from the garden of Eden to the birth of Jesus Christ and till now. In the garden, the serpent took advantage of the ignorance of Eve to wreck havoc between the couple and God. He used Sarah to push Abraham to polygamy which the consequences the world is yet to recover from till today. He fought the family of Isaac and Jacob, when Moses was about to be born, he showed up to make sure God’s plan for a deliverer never came to pass by an induced rules to terminate every male child at that period but God outsmarted him. When the plan for Messiah was about to be fulfilled, he also fought to eliminate the Child Jesus, but the wise men by Revelation deceived Herod the king and God ordered Joseph to take the child away. Again, God outsmarted the devil in his plots to stop the work of God.

Ignorance is the major instrument the devil uses to capture people, this is why God said my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge. Devil have no right to stop God’s plans in your marriage, he can only succeed through your ignorance.

Today, the enemy never rested, we can see his bites on marriages and singles in the society even the homes of men of God are not spared. The rate of divorce, infidelity, unrest and division is on the increase. Pastors and members violate Godly principles of marriage without remorse, couples live in fear of the unknown in marriage, the lives of the singles are evaded by the devil causing them to go deeper into immorality as if to disqualified them and stop God in case he wants to send another Messiah through a virgin. He so much evades homes today that seeds from marriages are afraid of going into marriage because of what they have witnessed between their father and mother. Devil is a liar, he is a failure. From the beginning he has been and he will keep failing. In time past, all his perversions are always turned to the perfect will of God.

This website was created out of revelation for both singles and couples. It is an interactive and practical marriage mentoring program (retreat) for both husband and wife to build their home on biblical principles that will help them enjoy the marriage and not endure it. It is our believe that early exposure to practical experiences in marriage from renowned and experienced marriage counselors and equally experienced couples in marriage will guide every new couples to follow their marriage with wisdom.

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For more information or counseling
Contact Pastor Akindele Victor O
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