Lovers spend time and money to prepare for wedding but may be few will give attention to prepare for marriage. The moment there is an agreement and courtship begins, what goes on in the head of the girl is the kind of cake to have on that wedding day and how much should be the worth, how it should be designed and all the rest. She goes through many catalogue and visits boutiques in search of suitable wedding gown, the wedding ring, the shoes, the flower and every other things that follows.

Both lovers will seat to plan and calculate, articulate, talk so much about how they want the wedding to look like. Of course, every lady will want her wedding to be the talk of the town. They both labour to get money and sometimes borrow to make the day an historic event.

Couples to be will labour to think of the dignitaries, the hall to use, the kind of music and how the wedding invitation card should look like and what kind of food to serve.

All these may not be a short term plan. It will surprise you to know that the plan may go on as long as one month to five years, talking and arranging about this depending on their readiness as at the time they met.

Ask a newlywed couple, how many times did you think and talk about your partners likes and dislikes, how many times did you talk about your “dos” and don’ts “. How many times did you visit a marriage counselor to actually ask what marriage is all about and not even the wedding in quote. How long did you search the scriptures to write out as a guide what you should know about marriage, how to behave to your spouse when you  marry.

Maybe only few will go to a pastor  or a counselor to ask about what to expect or what one may likely experience in marriage since it is different entirely from what happens in courtship or during spinsterhood and bachelorhood.

Little wonder, after hundreds of thousands has been spent; barely a month into the marriage couples will start having challenges. Challenges of attitude, challenges of finance, challenges of leadership and headship in the home, disrespect and disregard to one another, assault, physical abuse, exchange of words, insubordination, impatient, incontinent, cheating, ill-feelings, and the list could go on and on.

The same couple who were madly in love with promises of together forever until death do us part will begin to privately and secretly nurse the idea of breaking up. If they are from a good Christian background, the shame of what will people say will keep them down to endure the marriage instead of enjoying the marriage.

There are marriages that never lasted for three months before considering a break up (divorce), lots of marriage actually break up after one year while lots are been endured and managed just because of what will people say. The question is “Is that the intention of God that instituted marriage?”


Many have said within few months to their wedding that it would have been better for them to remain single instead of this marriage, whereas God said that “it is not good for a man to be alone”, has God made a mistake? No.

The simple truth is that what we do not know is killing us. Ignorance is the greatest disease. Man should rise up, Churches should rise up, let us educate the people about what they need to know about marriage, give them the information before it starts manifesting in the home and before it will get out of hands.  We should help to eliminate these vices that ruin homes today not just to manage them when they occur.

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This is what I have come to do for you, that is why I call it MARRIAGE MENTORING.

Link your friends and relation to this site as we mentor your marriage together for greater happiness and enjoyment and not endurance

Information is powerful; it is the root of all transformation. Couples succeeded in their wedding plans and made the day very colourful because they had wider consultations toward the successful outing. The same way, your marriage will be successful if you know what you need to know before they starts happening.

You can completely eliminate or avoid those vices that will puncture the full blown of your love and render you insecure and heart broken in your marriage.

In marriage, you do not have it how you imagined it, you have it how you prepared for it.

Many in the past lived by their imaginations and suddenly a few week in the marriage they wake up to realize that all they have ever imagined and conceived is just a mirage, an illusion a day dream that is hard to bring to reality.

I have come to help you succeed in your marriage, to teach you if not all but what you need to know and do in your home after marriage that will make you to look back after years of marriage and it will be like you are just in your honey moon; your oil will have freshness daily.

If you observe what is written in this site, (www.loveclinictower.com),  your love will never go cold, rather it will wax stronger, the fire of love will never go down but getting brighter, you will not only enjoy your home, you will be a role-model and envy of the society.

In marriage, your ability to identify those vices that will reduce your partners love for you early before it get at him/her the stronger the relationship will soar. Love can grow, love can become cold.

Fire of love, passion, romance can be quenched, become irritating and uninteresting.

Also fire of love can be made to burn stronger and stronger until couples entered into each other and become very important part of one another and become indispensable to each other.

I believe this is the kind of marriage and home you desire.

Only you and your partner, I mean you the man, you the wife can make it happen. What you want from your partner, give it and then you will reap it. Do not wait for your wife to showcase it; do not wait for your husband to showcase it. See it as your own responsibility to make your marriage work, and then you will both have an understanding of what it takes to have a happy home and successful marriage.

For “two” the Bible says shall become one body. Make your spouse to always appreciate the day he/she met you and not to regret ever meeting you.

Get the necessary information that will make you the best partner ever in this site. This is the reason for this site, it is expected that every couple, youth / single will go through and be connected to this site over and over, especially the newly married couples in the first month of their marriage, may be during the honey moon.

That is why I recommend this site to singles before going into marriage and to newly married couple to make the site their companion during honey moon.

You need more than what it took you to win your spouse to maintain and keep him/her.


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