What to do to ensure continuous happiness in your marriage daily.


To be happy in marriage does not depend on love but on knowledge that is practicable. To be in love is a wonderful thing, you need to know how to keep love fresh on daily basis else things may still get bad despite the love you share with your spouse.

I will share natural, tested and practicable techniques that when strictly followed, your home will be the envy of others and your children will aspire to get married and scared of marriage.

Happiness in marriage is a two way communication.

A happy relationship is a partnership between two people that has a healthy amount of communication, mutual understanding, and support.

Majority of people thought that been happy in a marriage is all about doing the unique things once in a while like giving a surprise to a partner. This may also be good but the truth is what ensure daily love, romance, happiness etc are just little, common but vital things that we often neglect.

I will briefly share this with you and I expect you not only to receive it but you should practice in in your marriage.

It creates bonds and renew love on daily basis.

These simple but vital practices are:

  1. Give a hug every morning after prayers. As couples don’t just greet and walk pass each others, a warm hug every morning will remind your partner how important he/she meant to you and how much value and love you share together. That is by the way, secondly, you can’t quantify the urge or the flow you will feel, the release of dopamine naturally will keep you on and happy during the day. Remember dopamine is a feel good frog, it is only released when you intentionally initiate it with your partner, it does not just happen it has to be intentionally initiated.

A hug or a touch or probably a pet or kiss from your partner will help release this in your brain and consequently, it will carry you through the day. To keep you feel good and happy, this should be a daily practice, because yesterday food will not carry you through your day today.

  1. Do not hoard the word I LOVE YOU say it to your selves daily. Sometimes women make this mistake that men need to tell them so often but they do not need to remind a man they love him. The truth is that we are all love birds, every body need to love and be loved, including your husband. So this daily magic word is essential to hear by each partner. Not only to hug or kiss, please give that word of assurance I LOVE YOU to your spouse on daily basis. It create happiness, confidence and assurance in your spouse.
  2. Try the chatting style. In this era of technology, it is an error to chat with people during the day without remembering to drop a note for your partner. As couples, or in courtship, learn to delay some discussions for a day chatting, it brings your partner closer to you even though he or she may be far away from you during work time. Daily practice on this brings couples together. Can you imagine how you feel chatting with someone you met on line? When this is done intentionally with your partner it makes you feel good throughout the day most especially when you have very fruitful and romantic discussion.
  3. Let romance begin from the kitchen. Well I said kitchen, what I mean is not to make love in the kitchen but to show love by helping around with work in the house most especially after work. It is not only in the bed room we should begin to make passes to each others as couple, most men don’t understand this magic. Help your spouse with tasks around the house, it is a show of love and affection. It shows how much you care about your partner, this goes a long way in seeing you as a responsible and caring husband in your marriage.
  4. Flirt with your spouse. It is not when you need a side chick you learn how to flirt, it is not when you need a sugar daddy you should practice flirting as a wife. Some women flirt easily with strangers than their husband, but when they come home they will be virgin Mary, I’m sorry to say that, this will only distract you from your marriage. Learn how to call each others sweet names, put up jokes that will make your partner happy and not strangers or outsiders.

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