What you must do to have a successful relationship

By Akindele Victor
Every one need to know that marriage is an institution
where you must have criterion that will help you come
out successful at the end. As an individual, place attention
on these traits i listed below, don’t just read but try
to put it into practice.
1). You must know how to labour in prayer
Stop transferring the blame of whatever happens in your
marriage to a third party, learn how to commit your
marriage to God in prayer. If you have been fighting with
your head stop it now and start fighting on your kneels.

2). Be faithful to your partner
For your marriage to experience peace, you must be a
faithful partner. Be faithful in your finance, be faithful
to your pledge of love, be faithful to your partner’s
emotional needs and be faithful to your marriage

3). You must be patient with your partner.
Patience is a sign of maturity, learn to be patient with
your partner. No condition is permanent give your partner
time to grow with that hope that there must be a
positive change in future.

4). You must not be selfish.
As a partner, do you think of the feelings of your partner?
In marriage, be sure that your actions, decisions etc are
not only centered on satisfying yourself but rather your
partner equally.

5). You must be humble.
Be humble to accept your faults and to say sorry. You
should not be too proud to tell your spouse I love you
no matter your age, class and status.
Humility is known when you can respect someone who
does not deserve it. When you do not carry yourself far
above what you are. Be humble regardless of your beauty,
your class, your career, your background etc.

6). Be gentle to your partner.
No man or woman is perfect but we are moving towards
perfection in marriage. So be gentle in your treatment and
dealings with your partner.

7). Lastly, you must trust your partner.
Trust is the hallmark of a successful marriage. Whatsoever
you see, whatever you hear or feels, please do not loss trust
for your spouse. A lost of trust in marriage is a lost of the
marriage. Learn to trust each other and never indulge in
what will make your spouse loose trust in you.

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